Finding the right grout cleaner in Bradenton isn’t always easy. A lot of carpet and flooring companies claim they can do a great job, but if you’ve ever paid for services that weren’t up to par, you know it pays to shop around.

Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care has their guarantee right in their name! You are guaranteed to be totally satisfied with the results of their grout cleaning, in fact, they prefer that you are thrilled with their results. Their state of the art grout cleaning system and 11 step process ensure that you’re going to love the look of your grout when they’re through. 

Guaranteed’s technicians understand you want your grout to look as good as it did when it was installed. Even if it’s a long way away from there, their process can get your grout back to its original look, and then can professionally seal your grout so that it stays looking that way.

It all starts with a pre-test in your home to let the technicians know what kind of tile they’re working with. After the pre-test, they will conduct a pre-inspection, to look for cracks in the tile, missing grout and any damage that may have already occurred to the tile or the grout. If any pre-existing damage is found, it will be brought to your attention prior to cleaning.

Special cleansing solutions will be applied to the grout that will break down any tough stains that may exist. Next, a pre-condition solution that is specially designed for your tile and grout will be applied generously to your floor. This will penetrate your grout and break down dirt, grease, oil and stains from spills.

Using a special brush, the pre-conditioner will be worked into the grout lines to loosen any embedded soil. Truck-mounted, high-powered equipment will thoroughly rinse the floor, whisking away loosened dirt and grime. Tile and grout will be pH treated to neutralize the cleaning agents to ensure that damage does not occur to grout or tile. 

Your expert grout cleaner from Guaranteed in Bradenton will give extra attention to al of the tight areas, along baseboards and around edges, using specialty tools that will thoroughly clean the floor and grout. After being cleaned, your floors will be quickly dried with high-velocity air movers.

To protect your newly cleaned grout, a professional-strength grout sealer should be applied to your grout. Unsealed grout is porous and easily stained by dirt and spills. Ask your technician about sealing options for your grout. They can apply a protectant coating and can even apply a colorized grout sealer that will transform the look of your floors.

After cleaning your floors, your technician will walk through your home with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the job. If your grout was not sealed at the time that it was installed, this is an ideal time to take care of sealing it.

For more information on Guaranteed’s grout cleaner in Bradenton, please contact an expert from Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care at 941-923-2498.

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